Angering is using Gem Bombs at the stones representing a wave in order to make the wave more rewarding and challenging. Used within limits, it increases the Mana and Score/XP available from a map; when overdone, it can quickly become fatal due to leaking monsters.

Formula Edit

Angering modifies the following aspects of a wave:

  • The number of Monsters in the wave,
  • The HP per Monster,
  • The Armor of the Monsters,
  • The Score per Monster.

It does NOT modify the Mana per Monster or Monster speed.

The increase in monsters is given by gradeused*2+3.

The armor increase is given by an exponential function based solely on how many times the wave has been angered.

The score increase is the most complicated, and perhaps the most important. The exact equation is not published.

For low grade gems, the increase can be approximated by constant*gemgrade*initialscorepermonster/(angers+1).

For high grade gems (9 or higher), the increase is closer to constant*gemgrade*currentscorepermonster/(angers+1).

Lastly, there is a limit to how much angering can be done while obtaining any benefits-20 angers/wave. after that, score and number of monsters ceases to increase, while armor and monster hp do not increase.

Tips when angering:

1. Angering works best in tandem with a mana farm.

2. Swarm (and runner) waves stink when angered, due to a low mana/monster and initial score/monster.

3 Go crazy with giant waves. . They're slow, and have the highest initial score/monster. The exception is at low levels, when unangered giant waves are dangerous enough-only anger them lightly, if at all.