The Cyan gems are one of the eight gems(Ten gems in GC2) in the Gemcraft series. The special ability of this gem in GC1,GC0 and GCL is called shock.In GC2 it's Supressing Healing.The Shock ability freezes the monster for a second, delaying its approach toward your castle or orb.The Supressing-Healing Ability disables the target's regeneration.

Cyan Gem Edit

Cyan Gems are one of the 8 Gems in Gemcraft and Gemcraft Chapter 0/one of the 10 gems in Gemcraft Chapter 2.

The Special Attack for the Cyan Gems are Shock and Supressing Healing,The shock shocks/freezes the directed monster for a certain amount of time and a certain amount of damage,while the Supressing Healing disables HP regeneration of enemies and ignores shield.

Effects Edit

Towers Edit

Cyan gems have a chance of stunning a target in place for 3 seconds/chance of disabling the target's regeneration.

Traps Edit

When placed in traps, cyan gems have increased chances of inflicting stun/increased chances of disabling the Monster's Regeneration.

Strategies Edit

Towers Edit

Traps Edit

  • Combine a green and a cyan gem and place at multiple points near the beginnings or at 'choke' points to thin out the number of monsters quickly. If desired, it can also be combined with an orange gem to gain mana relatively fast. This strategy works well combined with splash damage towers.

Gemcraft Chapter 1Edit

Cyan gems have the shock ability.

Gemcraft Chapter 0Edit

Still,they have the shock.

Gemcraft LabyrinthEdit

All Cyan Gems Gemcraft Labyrinth

All 12 Grades of the Cyan Gem in Gemcraft Labyrinth

They have shock ability here like in GC1 and GC0.

Gemcraft Chapter 2Edit

The shocking power is removed in Gemcraft Chapter 2 for being considered too powerful. However, Gaminabottle stated that there still will be a way to stop monsters by the freeze spell,which acts like the shock power of the GC1/GC0/GCL Cyan gem but it's target is bigger and needs to reload. The cyan gem will be given the Surpressing Healing power instead,which diables the target's HP regeneration.

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