Field G13 Map

Field G13 Map(Labyrinth)

Field G13 is the first field players have access to in Gemcraft Labyrinth. As such, it is more of a learning level, consisting of eight waves of normal monsters when no extras are activated. Players start with access to poison and multiple damage gems, as well as three pre-built towers, one in the center of the map, and two next to the single path that leads to the players orb. Completing this field will give a base experience of 348, and access to fields F13 and H13.This appeared as Vision Field(V4) in GC2 CS,which is located at Hextile D and it is Unlocked by completing Field D5.

Starting OutEdit

On the FieldEdit

  • 3 Towers
  • 1 Magic Orb
  • 4 Walls
  • 55 Tiles
  • Shortest Route (28 Tiles)


  • No enemy structures


Wave # Monsters Hit Points Armor Level Speed Mana per kill
1 16 4 0 1.8 8
2 15 5 0 2.2 9
3 13 6 0 1.7 10
4 10 7 0 2.2 14
5 10 9 0 1.4 15
6 14 11 0 1.9 11
7 13 14 0 2.3 13
8 15 17 1 2.1 12


Defeating this field will give access to Field F13 and Field H13.

Chronicle PagesEdit

Field G13 Chronicle Page 1
When you first click on Field G13, the young wizard notices something shining at the center. His path is blocked, so he must go through the entire Labyrinth to get there. At this point, the wizard assumes it is part of his test.

Level GuideEdit

  • Create Grade 1 gems of any of the 2 available gem types(Poisonous and Multiple damage) until you don't have enough Mana buy buy another one.Put the Grade 1 gems to any of the 3 towers.You can combine them.(Optional).When you add more waves,try to upgrade your gems when you have enough Mana because the higher waves are harder.This step is for the players who just started the game on this field.

Wild GemEdit

The gem type for the wild gem in this field is cyan-blue-red.

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