Grey tree

Field F1 with a cosmetic effect

7 9
1 3

The four corners of the map (World Map, not Level Map) are clickable once you open hextiles close enough to them. Each one has a numeric value, as though they were numbers on the numeric keypad (shown to left). If you enter a specific series of value, you can enable a secret, usually cosmetic, enhancement.

Code ListEdit

Code Description
11319773 Black Orb
11331791 Grey Trees (finish a level with this mod for an achievement)
11379197 Mossy towers
11799397 Dark monsters
13371337 Spinning tower shots
77311973 Gift gems (level 1 gem at start; always selected from the field's original available gem types)
77919713 Heavy rain
79797919 Heavy snow
97713791 Mossy amplifiers
Mods reset

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