The Shadow

A Shadow in Field D4

A Shadow is the highest ranking demon in existence, lower only than archdemons. Shadows serve as the main commanders and most powerful minions/weapons of their queen, the Forgotten.

This one, the Grand Shadow, was summoned by her to stop the creation of a new Gem of Eternity, at the location of the Field D4. After the Pylon energy burst kills the remaining horde of monsters, the Shadow emerges, unharmed by the blast. The Shadow can be considered the "Final Boss" of the game, due to its very high difficulty and requiring an intricate strategy, even though there are plenty more fields to complete the story.

It is far, far more powerful than those shadows who appear on GC2, having a shield, regenerating armor, and the ability to regenerate its health. Most importantly, it has 405,634 hit points, four times the average Shadow in CS2, and about 30 times the shadows you first encounter in CS2. When its health drops below about 1/8 of maximum, it will stop attacking and instead slowly make a beeline for the orb, instantly destroying it on contact.

The Shadow periodically spawn a wave of monsters headed for the orb. However, be wary that they grant no mana, are incredibly fast and have a higher banishment cost. It can also fire projectiles at the orb which will drain mana on contact, but can also be shot down with gems.

The Shadow will attack more powerfully from time to time, so prepare a nice defense for the monsters it spawns and tons of Armor-tearing gems to tear the Shadow's armor and shield down. If you want to fight a Shadow other than D4, you will need a battle setting - Shadow Clash in the Battle Traits column. The shadows spawned this way can vary in strength, but are usually within 20% of the D4 shadow's stats. The shadow will typically appear between waves 20 and 30, which makes it very difficult to kill.

Strategies Edit

  • Large amounts of low-grade purple gems will destroy the armor of the Shadow very quickly.
  • A high-grade poison gem will do lots of damage because poison is not affected by armor.
  • A single multiple damage gem (preferably grade 9-10+) surrounded by amplifiers will deal enough damage per shot to damage the shadow, even if it has full armor.
  • A chain hit gem is useful for destroying the monsters that the shadow spawns.
  • Surrounding the orb with low-grade gems will destroy its projectiles. Use armor tearing if it is available - the gems will also help to weaken the Shadow.

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