Green Gems are one of the eight gems in the Gemcraft series. It's ability is poison. The monster attacked with this gem continues to lose health even when it's not attacked for a certain amount of time. The effect lasts considerably longer in traps than in towers.

Effects Edit

Towers Edit

Green gems apply poison, doing damage over a period of time.

Traps Edit

When placed in a trap, the gem does extra poison damage and the effect lasts longer.

Strategies Edit

Towers Edit

Space poison towers around the level to keep the monster poisoned as much a possible.

Traps Edit

Space poison traps around the level to keep the monsters poisoned as much as possible.

Gemcraft Chapter 1Edit

Gemcraft Chapter 0Edit

Gemcraft LabyrinthEdit

All Green Gems Gemcraft Labyrinth

All 12 Grades of the Green Gem in Gemcraft Labyrinth

Gemcraft Chapter 2Edit

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