Hextile B

Hextile B

Hextile B is unlocked by completing Field E6 on Looming difficulty. There is an tome chamber located at Field B5 that once opened, unlocks the Orange, mana leech skill tome. This hextile is unlocked along with Hextile A . Like on some other hextiles, this hextile has 5 fields to complete on looming to unlock, and 1 field to complete on glaring to unlock. So far, we can see that there are only 6 confirmed fields in this hextile. There are only 3 achievements in this hextile. This is an edge hextile, so thats why it doesn't have any wizard towers. The first field you will get is B1, that is unlocked by E7.

Hextile B Levels details and additional level infoEdit

Level First wave hp Waves Available gems Special Challenge


32 30 Orange, Green,Cyan,Purple Beat on Glaring for B6 Beat 60 waves.
B2 38 25 Red, Purple 1 tower + 8 amplifier combo
B3 35 32 Yellow, Purple Make 140 one-hit kills
Don't use any strike spells
B4 41 40 Yellow, Green, Blue
B5 37 35 Orange, Red, Green Tome Chamber Break a Tomb before wave 24
B6 79 30 Red, Green, Cyan

Secret (B1)

Additional Level Info

When you complete field E7, you will gain the token for field B1,

When you complete field B1, you will gain the tokens for fields B2 and B3, if you complete it on glaring, you will gain the token for field B6.

When you complete field B2, you will gain the token for field B4.

When you complete field B3, you will gain the token for field B5.

When you complete field B4, you will gain no new tokens for fields.

'When you complete 'field B5, and open the tome chamber, you will gain the Mana Leech skill tome, but no new tokens for fields.

When you complete field B6, you will gain no new tokens for fields.

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