Hextile E

Hextile E

Hextile E is unlocked by beating Field F4 in Gemcraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows. After Field E6 is completed, Hextiles B and A will unlock, and also a trait. There is a Mysterious Compass in this hextile. There is a tome chamber located at Field E4 if completed unlocks the Poison skill. There are seven Achievements in this hextile. There are seven fields in this hextile. The field you will get first is field F1.

Hextile E Level overviewEdit

Level First wave hp Waves Available gems Special
E1 15 20 OY
E2 18 22 OP
E3 17 24 YC Mysterious Compass
E4 30 24 G Tome Chamber
E5 24 33 YP
E6 28 30 ORBP Wizard tower
E7 28 32 YRG

Additional Level infoEdit

Level E1Edit

Unlocks E2 and E3 if completed.

Level E2Edit

Level E3Edit

Buildings: Monster nest 800hp 40 armor; 2x Abandoned Dwelling (bomb grades 2 and 3 to destroy), barrel (2 bolts to open). Mysterious Compass

Level E4Edit

tome chamber location - Acquires Poison Skill if opened.

Level E5Edit

Unlocks E6 if completed.

Level E6Edit

wizard tower location - Acquires Hextiles A and B if unlocked the wizard locks and beaten the level and the beacon storm trait.

Level E7Edit

Unlocks B1 if completed.


Field E1: Don't have any gem higher than grade 1 at field E1 ; Beat 45 waves at field E1.

Field E2: Don't have any gem higher than grade 4 at field E2 on Glaring difficulty.

Field E3: Don't spend any points on skills at field E3 on Glaring difficulty.

Field E4: Open the tome chamber at field E4 before wave 7 starts.

Field E6: Create a grade 6 pure mana leeching gem at field E6 before wave 2 starts.

Field E7: Don't have any gem whigher than grade 2 at field E7.

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