Hextile Q showing its fields

Hextile Q is unlocked by completing Field M5 in Gemcraft Chapter 2 : Chasing Shadows on Looming difficulty. This hextile is unlocked along with Hextile J and Hextile N . But to unlock Field Q1 , you need to complete Field M7 on Looming difficulty. There is a Tome Chamber located at Field Q5 that once opened, unlocks the Suppressing Healing skill tome, and the cyan gem. There is an Wizard Tower located at Field Q6 , that once the field is completed, unlocks Hextile T and Hextile U ,along with the tokens for fields T1 and U1 and Adaptive Carpace Battle trait. After completing the same level, The Forgotten can now randomly enrage three waves. There are 7 fields in this hextile, though on the image is shown only 6 fields, beacuse Field Q7 is compass-releated. There are 4 confirmed achievements in this hextile.


Hextile Q Field Overview

Field Waves Starting HP Starting Gems Special Challenge
Q1 45 82
Orange Yellow White
Have the mana lock trait set to Level 7.
Q2 40 89 Red Green Purple                              Use only poolbound gems.
Q3 50 98
Orange Red
Q4 48 96 Cyan Blue Harvest 48,000 mana from shards before Wave 24 begins.
Q5 44 110 Cyan Tome Chamber (Suppressing)
Q6 44 115 Yellow Purple Wizard Tower (Adaptive Carapace, The Forgotten)
Q7 54 141 Green Blue Secret Build 30 traps.

Additional Level InfoEdit

After you complete field Q1, you will gain the token for field Q2.

After you complete field Q2, you will gain the tokens for fields Q3 and Q4.

After you complete field Q3,you will gain the tokens for fields Q5 and Q6.

After you complete field Q4, you won't gain any new tokens for fields.

After you complete field Q5, and open the tome chamber, you will gain the Suppressing Healing gem and its skill tome.

After you complete field Q6, and unlock the wizard tower, you will gain the Adaptive Carpace battle trait and The Forgotten can now randomly enrage 3 waves. After you complete the same level, you will gain Hextiles T and U, along with the tokens for fields T1 and U1.

After you complete field Q7, you won't gain any new tokens for fields.

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