Journey Note 0
(From the start)

Gemcraft Chapter 1 (The Forgotten) Gemcraft Chapter 0 (Gem of Eternity)
Gemcraft Lost Chapter (Labyrinth) Gemcraft Chapter 2 (Chasing Shadows)

Journey Note 1
(Beat F1)

I was in the possession of the Forgotten for months, carrying her within myself... we wandered through the wilderness towards the Spiritforge, the last stand of wizardry, the place she seems to want to get to so desperately...

Journey Note 2
(Beat F1)

I still can't believe my trap worked... but it did! It split us apart and knocked me unconscious... whether she didn't find me afterwards or didn't want to waste time on killing me, I don't know, but she's gone now. I'm probably the first wizard ever to survive her possession...

Journey Note 3
(Beat F1)

This happened at least three days ago. Fortunately, the trap, or, as I call it, the Scythe Gate, dropped me near my old wizard tower, just as I had planned. After decades spent hiding and watching, I'm home again...
She is days ahead of me though, there's no time to waste. I must hurry and assist the Gembearer, we have to set up a trap with the Gem before she gets to the Spiritforge!

Journey Note 4
(Beat F4)

A long abandoned tower of a fellow wizard... After the summoning of the Forgotten and the demonic outbreak that followed, most of the wizards fell back to the Spiritforge. In a hurry, they only had time to add locks to guard their towers from monsters and demons.

Journey Note 5
(Beat F6)A tome chamber... There are many of such chambers laying around in the wilderness, hiding skill tomes, designed to open only to those who prove their power. I should try to open every chamber I meet, I will need all the skills I can gather.
Journey Note 6
(Kill an apparition)That was an apparition, a spirit of a fellow wizard slain by demons, damned to wander around forever... They mean no harm, but I can end their misery and get some shadow cores by killing them.
Journey Note 7
(Kill a specter)A specter! An apparition twisted by demons... it can be very dangerous, with a lust for gems! I'd better watch out, swap my gems if I need to, and focus on the specter to have my gems fire at it, even throw gem bombs to stop it! Or I could hide my gems and offer a low grade gem for it to steal...
Journey Note 8
(Beat H1)The Scythe Gate... the trap I set up long ago, right after the last time we had captured the Forgotten.

I knew she would break free again as she had already done five times before, and I was right... my plan was to be her victim to be possessed, and lure her to the Scythe Gate on our way to the Spiritforge. I still can't believe she fell for it! I shouldn't underestimate her though...

Journey Note 9
(Beat H1)The Forgotten... the plague on our world... an archdemon summoned by mistake (or was it a mistake?), as we called her, the Queen of shadows... She can appear in many forms, but what seems to be her native appearance, is a female torso with disfigured arms, a head with long hair and no face. She is one with the shadows, demons under her command, she can birth or consume them, they are like her blood drops...
Journey Note 10
(Beat H1)We know no way to kill the Forgotten, the only thing we can do to temporarily seal her is to craft a new Gem of Eternity in the Labyrinth. It has already happened seven times by now, as we have entrapped the Forgotten six times before, and I'm sure a new Gembearer is on its way to set tp the trap with a freshly crafted Gem. There can be only one Gem of Eternity, but as its name suggests, it's indestructible, so there are six useless replicas laying somewhere out there.
Journey Note 11
(Kill a shadow)It was a shadow! A demon of the highest rank, child and avatar of the Forgotten... this was a weak one, probably sent by her to scout around, I must be prepared to meet much more powerful shadows as I go forward... And so now the Forgotten knows that I'm still alive and after her...
Journey Note 12
(Kill a spire)What was that thing?... a towering spire walking across everything, right towards my Orb! From its demonic fingerprint I think it's a creation of the Forgotten herself, designed against wizards. She is evolving...
Journey Note 13
(Beat G1)A corrupted mana shard? Harvesting mana from that shard makes my gems weak, but it also seems to have an unlimited capacity. Who made this for what purpose?
Journey Note 14
(Beat H5)That obelisk corrupted monsters with demonic powers... Is this an instrument of the Forgotten? What is her agenda? Is she preparing for an assault? She can't take the Spiritforge. the shield around it would repel any attack, and she surely knows that.
Journey Note 15
(Beat M4)There are numberless swarmlings in that sleeping hive, waiting to be awakened... another dark asset of the Forgotten, I'm sure of it! So that's how she spent her days every time after she broke free, and before she was trapped again... she's gathering an army...
Journey Note 16
(Beat Q6)Now the Forgotten appears personally to stand in my way... although I don't understand, why she doesn't do anything more harmful. Is she still too weak to get through to me or is she only buying some time? What is she up to?...
Journey Note 17
(Beat O5)So here is one of the replicas of the Gem of Eternity, locked in some kind of an encasement. The construction seems fresh, no dust or scratches...

This place is very close to the Spiritforge, maybe the wizards locked the replica to keep it safe from the Forgotten, and also to keep it outside the Spiritforge for some reason. How did the gem get here only recently though? Is this somehow connected to the Forgotten too?

Journey Note 18
(Beat T1)I have found the Gembearer, dead... but the Gem of Eternity, the gem carried by this fellow wizard, is still here!
Journey Note 19
(Beat T1)Every time the Forgotten gets free, a new Gem of Eternity has to be crafted in the Labyrinth, as this gem is the only thing we know that can stop her temporarily. Crafting a new Gem makes any previously crafted ones useless replicas; by now there are six replicas in existence, in addition to the new true Gem. I wonder where those replicas can be, every time the Forgotten gets unleashed, they get lost and never found. Is the Forgotten collecting them for some reason, or some wizards gather and study them?
Journey Note 20
(Beat T1)I'll have to carry on and get to the Spiritforge before the Forgotten! The Gem of Eternity will be very helpful, I think I can use its powers to cast strike spells... although something feels strange about this gem...
Journey Note 21
(Beat P1)This is the place where it all began... the wizards, grown greedy and corrupted, regularly summoned demons to enslave them... but one of the summoning rituals resulted in bringing the Forgotten to our world... ever since then, we fight her desperately to no end... we don't know any way to kill her, only to seal her temporarily with a Gem of Eternity. But she always gets free after a few decades... after being forgotten...
Journey Note 22
(Beat K3)This is one of the places where the Forgotten was entrapped. So far, we captured her six times... in six nearby locations. She always headed towards the Spiritforge...
Journey Note 23
(Beat V3)In this vision, the Forgotten's tome was abandoned long ago... Does this mean it will all be over? Or only my wishful thinking?
Journey Note 24
(Beat V4)I know this place... This is the entrance of the Labyrinth, but it was all different in this vision, dark and cold... Is this a possible future or the ultimate fate of this world?
Journey Note 25
(Beat T7)Many apparitions and so many slain wizards... they must have tried to slow the Forgotten down... I have to proceed with the Gem, I hope it's still not too late!
Journey Note 26
(Beat X1)Towers with gems controlled from inside the Spiritforge! I'm near now, I hope they are ready and have prepared everything to capture the Forgotten again!
Journey Note 27
(Beat X5)It wasn't the true Gem I carried all along, it was one of the six replicas!... The Gembearer must have been killed by the Forgotten herself before I got there, and she got the true Gem, leaving a replica for me to unknowingly play according to her plans...
Journey Note 28
(Beat X5)A plan set in motion centuries ago, ever since her summoning (or even earlier?) her agenda was to prepare a siege step by step and to let wizards capture her with the ever newly crafted Gen of Eternity, slowly corrupting each gem one by one and luring unknowing adventurers to unleash her, until there were six replicas all in place... the last one placed by me!... Capturing her six times, it was all what she wanted, she needed the replicas to break the shield of the Spiritforge...
Journey Note 29
(Beat X5)She left me alive on purpose, so that I would place the final piece of her puzzle. That's why she hasn't directly attacked me... she just wanted to buy enough time to prepare everything...

And so now, the gates of the Spiritforge are wide open, the siege has started... under the command of the Forgotten, monsters and shadows swarm in to destroy the last remaining stand of wizardry and to capture the Spiritforge...

Journey Note 30
(Beat X5)I'm still alive though, and that might be a mistake in her carefully crafted plan. There's only one way to find out... I can't imagine what is waiting for me beyond these walls, but I have come too far to stop now. There's a chance even my magic won't work in there, so I will have to keep hiding... Once I enter, there might be no turning back, I'll have to prepare myself first... and... where is the true Gem of Eternity, anyway?
Journey Note 31
(Beat Y6)The Gem of Eternity! It doesn't have that sinister radiance like the replica did, so it must be the True Gem! The Forgotten didn't have enough time to hide it better... This, and that she left me alive, might together prove to be her worst mistake...

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