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List of Amulets in Gemcraft Chapter 0 (Gem of Eternity)

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There are four types of Amulets in Gemcraft Chapter 0, as a kind of achievement system for accomplishing tasks of various difficulty. Each amulet is worth a certain amount of XP, and the XP earned by Battle and Shrine Burst amulets are affected by the 3x multiplier in certain modes.

Battle Amulets are most common type. they are easy to get and low rewarding, but you can achieve them over and over.

Shrine Burst amulets are mid-hard to get amulets. You can get them by sacrificing Grade 6 or higher pure gem in every type of shrine. Like battle Amulets they can be acquired over and over.

Journey Amulets are meant to be acquired throughout entire game and can be achieved only once.

Lost Amulets is hard-to-get type of Amulets. They are scattered throughout all fields in specific modes. They're very XP Rewarding and some of them are Armor Games exclusive.

Battle AmuletsEdit

Picture How to obtain XP Value Where to get
Gr7amu Create at least one Grade 7 Gem. 250 Everywhere
Gr8Amu Create at least one Grade 8 Gem. 300 Everywhere
Gr9Amu Create at least one Grade 9 gem 350 Everywhere
50kllamu Kill 50 monsters in a row. 60 Everywhere
150kllamu Kill 150 monsters in a row. 80 Everywhere
300kllamu Kill 300 monsters in a row. 120 Everywhere
Anger50amu Summon 50 monsters in one battle. 100 Everywhere
Anger100amu Summon 100 monsters in one battle. 150 Everywhere
Anger200amu Summon 200 monsters in one battle 200 Everywhere
30early Call 30% of waves early in one battle. 50 Everywhere
60early Call 60% of waves early in one battle. 80 Everywhere
Allearly Call every wave early in one battle. 120 Everywhere
Gather at least 2,000 mana by the end of the battle. 100 Everywhere

Lost Amulets Edit

Id Picture Level Mode XP
42 Normal 1450
47 Normal 1000
7 Suden Death 550
9 Endurance 1200
10 Sudden Death 250
15 Normal 200

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