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List of Skills in Gemcraft Chapter 0 (Gem of Eternity)

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The following skills are available. All skills cap at level 10.

  • Enhanced Pool - more maximum mana; +100% max mana at level 10.
  • Focus - more initial mana; +210% more initial mana at level 10.
  • Flexible Pool - decreased mana cost of Mana Pool spell; -20% at level 10.
  • Towerbuilder - decreased mana cost of towers; -50% at level 10.
  • Traplayer - decreased mana cost of traps; -60% at level 10.
  • Trap Specials - increased specials power for gems in traps; +20% at level 10.
  • Armor - decreased monster banishment cost; -30% at level 10.
  • Readiness - faster gem socketing; 60% faster at level 10.
  • Replenish - more mana and score gain; 50% more mana replenish over time, 40% more mana and score gain per monster kill.
  • Forge - decreased mana cost of creating and combining gems; -24% at level 10.
  • [Incomplete]

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