After selecting a unit, use the arrow keys to cycle through all other units.
Armor tearing gems with beam can shred thick armor fast.
Be careful about selecting battle traits, some are more challenging than others.
Be sure to have a freeze spell ready for specters.
Beam enhancement is ideal for bloodbound gems, boosting their hit amount.
Click and drag to build a horizontal or vertical row of walls.
Click on wave stones to start waves early.
Click on your empty building to instantly socket the first gem from your inventory.
Don't forget to use spells as soon as they get near 200% charge.
Drop gem bombs on wave stones to summon more monsters and have more xp in the end.
Enhancements on gems in traps don't deplete.
Enhancing a gem sockets it instantly. Cast enhancement after upgrading a gem to keep it firing.
Gems combined from two different colors are much stronger than pure gems.
Gems in amplifiers can strengthen multiple gems just as well as a single adjacent gem.
Gems in amplifiers can't shoot, but they strengthen adjacent gems.
Gems in traps have much stronger special effects, but deal less damage.
Have a look at the options screen to customize your gameplay.
High rarity talisman fragments give lots of powerful bonuses.
Hold Shift to place multiple buildings.
Hold Shift, then press B to start throwing multiple gems from your inventory as bombs.
Hold alt or ctrl when clicking to ignore gems in traps and force selecting monsters.
If you need extra skill points, beat fields on higher difficulties or go for achievements.
Mana gathering gems enhanced with beam give a fast mana boost.
Navigate the world map with the WASD or arrow keys, zoom with the mouse wheel or PageUp / PageDown.
On some fields, you can build long mazes with walls to give the monsters a hard time.
Open tome chambers to gather powerful skills.
Playing in endurance mode is the key to reach epic wizard levels.
Poison ignores armor and shield.
Press 1..6 to cast strike and enhancement spells.
Press A to start building amplifiers.
Press B to initiate gem bombing.
Press B, then hold Shift to use mana to throw clones of your first inventory gem.
Press D to duplicate a gem.
Press G to initiate combining gems.
Press N to start the next wave at once.
Press Q to switch the speed of time.
Press R to start building traps.
Press Space to pause time.
Press T to start building towers.
Press Tab to quickly drop a gem out to inventory, before a specter could steal it.
Press U to upgrade a gem.
Press W to start building walls.
Press X to destroy a gem and salvage mana.
Pressing 4..6 while over a gem instantly casts the enhancement.
Rain increases damage against monsters, snow makes them slower.
Reduce gem range to avoid firing at the wrong place, use the mouse wheel or Up/Down keys.
Right-click on a gem to adjust its target priority.
Select a creature or building to force your gems to fire at it.
Single component gems are ideal to be used in traps.
Surround your orb with gems in towers to defend against shadow projectiles.
The fragment rarity booster can help you get higher rarity fragments.
Throw gem bombs on spark stones to strengthen their effects.
Towers and amplifiers can be built over walls.
Unspent skill points give extra initial mana.
Vision fields give extra skill points if you beat them.
Vision fields give one time rewards of 13 skill points.
Watch out for event premonitions.
When paused, click the pause button to step time frame by frame.
You can decrease banishment cost by dropping gems on your orb or placing gems in adjacent amplifiers.
You can demolish your empty buildings by dropping a gem bomb on them.

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