Gemcraft Labyrinth Novice Amulets

The Novice Amulets in Gemcraft Labyrinth

Novice Amulets are a type of amulet that was introduced in Gemcraft Labyrinth. These type of amulets are beginner amulets, easily acquired and meant to let the player explore all the features of the game. They offer little experience and no skill points.


Amulet How to Obtain Experience Points Recieved
Novice Amulet 1
Activate a Shrine 30 XP
Novice Amulet 2
Create a Grade 4 Gem 40 XP
Novice Amulet 3
Do 20 Trap kills in one battle 30 XP
Novice Amulet 4
Demolish one of your structures 20 XP
Novice Amulet 5
Place a gem into an amplifier 20 XP
Novice Amulet 6
Destroy a beacon with a tower 30 XP
Novice Amulet 7
Destroy a beacon with a gem bomb 30 XP
Novice Amulet 8
Summon more monsters dropping a gem bomb on a wave stone 20 XP
Novice Amulet 9
Create a dual gem 20 XP
Novice Amulet 10
Create a triple gem 150 XP

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