The Purple Gem is a type of gem that has been added in Gemcraft Chapter 1.

Effect in Tower: 

  • Gemcraft 1 - Chance of lowering target armor by 1 point.
  • Gemcraft 0 - Chance of lowering target armor by 1 point.
  • Gemcraft Labyrinth - Reduces the targets armor by a value (e.g 0.7, 2, 1.5, etc.)
  • Gemcraft Chasing Shadows - Same as Labyrinth.

Effect in Trap:

  • Gemcraft 0 - Chance of lowering target armor by 3 points.
  • Gemcraft Labyrinth - Reduces the targets armor by a value, but in a trap, the value is higher.
  • Gemcraft Chasing Shadows - Same as Labyrinth


Purple gems should be used on monsters with high defense (e.g Armored Waves, Shadows, Heavily Angered waves, etc.)

Gemcraft Chapter 1Edit

In Gemcraft Chapter 1, the purple gems have a basic function - they deal some damage, while having a chance of lowering the targets armor by 1

Gemcraft Chapter 0Edit

In Gemcraft Chapter 0, the purple gems in towers have the exact same function as in Chapter 1, but in traps they maintain the % (Not if you upgrade Trap Specials, as with this the % also increases) and decreases armor to 3

Gemcraft LabyrinthEdit

In Gemcraft Labyrinth, the purple gems have changed a bit. Instead of the gems having a chance to reduce armor, now they have a certain chance to reduce armor, even if it is decimal. EXAMPLE BELOW!

So let us assume that with each hit, the monster's armor drops by 0.7.

1 Hit - 0.7 - 0 armor points reduced                                   Now it's all good with the power of
2 Hits - 1.4 - 1 armor point reduced                               rounding; everything is a bit more exact!
3 Hits - 2.1 - 2 armor points reduced
4 Hits - 2.8 - 2 armor points reduced
5 Hits - 3.5 - 3 armor points reduced
10 Hits - 7 - 7 armor points reduced
25 Hits - 17.5 - 17 armor points reduced
50 Hits - 35 - 35 armor points reduced

Gemcraft Chapter 2Edit

The purple gem has the same attributes as the purple gem in Gemcraft Labyrinth.

Trivia  Edit

  • You can defeat shadows without the purple gem; you just need lots and lots of power!
  • Purple Gems shoot faster than any other gem.
  • Very useful in early-mid game on Chasing Shadows (Specially on non-pouch players)

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