The R/O supertrap strategy is the most powerfull opening strategy known-and one of the most difficult.

It is NOT a strategy for beginners.

R/O supertrap, basicsEdit

To use the R/O supertrap, max out Red, Orange, and any other relevant skill (recommend: wizard level 50, though it can be done at lower levels)

Make a grade 4 R/O gem from the grade 3's, and place it in a trap. Add grade 1 orange gems whenever you can afford to do so.

even without anger, it can beat any normal level. with anger, it can be used to get over a billion score before wave 13 on the final level.

R/O supertrap, explained in more detailEdit

step 1: make at least one grade 4 R/O gem from the starting gems, preferably 2.

step 2: build a trap for the gems in question.

step 3: create some grade 1 gems.

so far, pretty basic. the next phase starts becomming tricky, and has to be adjusted based on the map.

step 4: turn some of those grade 1's into O gems, and stuff into ONE of the R/O's. Anger the upcomming wave with the rest. generally, the armor level of the wave should be about equal to the miniumum damage of the wave, but you can go overboard on the final level.

step 5: Basically, repeat step 4 a few times, but gradually start spending on the mana pool spell. Add in a few red gems at some can also supergem the secondary gem a bit if you really can't afford to take the primary gem out.

step 6: when you max out the firerate of the gem, it's time to switch over to the more conventional mana farm creation strategies, and to pay more attention to the hp of the monsters than the armor level.

final note: have to balance supergemming, mana pooling, angering, and when to swap out.

video on how to do it is here: