Sparks 1

The infobox of a Spark

Sparks are a new gameplay mechanic introduced in Gemcraft Chapter 2. They come in between the waves and trigger a variety of events. They can be powered up to an extent with gem bombs.

List of SparksEdit

  • Touch of Wisdom - Adds a multiplier to Mana Bar level XP gain.
  • Unearthed Shard - Causes a mana shard to appear on the field.
  • Shrine Scroll - Causes a partially charged shrine to appear on the field.
  • Lockdown - Temporarily disables all monster beacons and causes beacons to take more damage from hits.
  • Prism Cascade - Provides and instant 30% boost to the charge of all spells and shrines currently on the field
  • Stone Supply - Reduces the mana cost to build buildings by 20%

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