For Trappers following Skills are invaluable:

Mana PoolEdit

Mana Replenish Multiplier increase during one wave-timeEdit

176.00 increase

1.00 = 20 Mana Pool Spell [MPS] upgrades

176.00 = 3520 MPS upgrades

Shift+LMB on Mana Pool Spell makes possible to upgrade without loss of Mana. Dozens of tens times MPS is casted in regular MPS cast time frame.

Gem GradeEdit

Field I13 DemonstrationEdit

Battle Demonstration - waves from 1 to 62.




Two Traps amplified by 4 AmplifiersEdit

Trap-Gem base Mana gain increase in relation to Amplifiers Gem Grade

- and further Gradation


Duplication [key shortcut D] is a very useful Tool in later phase of the battle. It allow You to increase evenly all base Components/values in Dual and Triple Gems. It's especially important in high grade Gems upgrades where your Mana Pool size is hundreds times smaller than cost of upgrade Gem.

Duplication BaseEdit

In defense building/Growth process it's good to include building Duplication Base for future upgrading needs. It is optimal to possess Gems in Duplication Base with current and 2 lower Grades for each Duplication Base Gem [DBG] - for examply if highest grade you are able to duplicate is 17, keep also 16 and 15 for Gem mixing and high grade Components Management purposes.

Each higher Grade costs 2 times more Mana, so be careful not to U-upgr your Duplication Base too high.

Duplication - ExampleEdit

Example 1 - Trap upgradeEdit

Making Trap-Gem upgrade to Grade 21 with Duplication Base Grade 17

Base for 21 Grade upgrade for second Trap was done in same fashion.

Example 2 - Amplifiers upgradeEdit

Upgrade four 23 Grade Gems in Amplifiers - DBG grade 20

Example 3 - Trap upgradeEdit

Massive duplication and both Traps high grade upgrades



See AlsoEdit

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