Talisman filled with fragments of various rarity

The Talisman allows you to equip up to 15 talisman fragments, giving the player extra attributes.

Player can equip 5 fragments from each of 3 types:

  • Corner (Upside-down Pentagon)
  • Edge (Circle)
  • Inner (10-pointed Star)

Up to six talisman fragments can be dropped by killed monsters (3 during normal play, 3 during the first 150 waves of endurance). Additional fragments can be found in drop holders or abandoned dwellings.

Fragments have rarity in range of 1 to 100. With increasing rarity fragments have more properties, better properties, more upgrade levels, higher upgrade cost. 

Upgrading Edit

The rarity defines how many properties a fragment can have and how often it can be upgraded. Generally, fragments with better colors (see below) have more properties, and are able to be upgraded more times. Upgrade costs (payable in Shadow Cores) start at 0 SC (Because rarity level 1 items don't use shadow cores to upgrade) and increase with rarity and upgrade level.


All the colors of inner fragments.

Different rarities are shown by different colors:
1-9 - Grey
10-19 - Copper
20-29 - Yellow
30-39 - Light Blue
40-49 - Golden Orange
50-59 - Orange
60-69 - Dark Green
70-79 - Dark Blue
80-89 - Red
90-99 - Violet
100 - Magenta

Talisman propertiesEdit

Talisman properties have a wide range which can help you either directly within a game (like damage increase or more starting mana) or indirectly with higher XP gains (either directly or indirectly due to e.g. a longer kill chain cooldown).

At 60+ rarity, all fragments have +1 to either a specific skillset or all skills. Additionally, all fragments may have +% XP, +initial mana, +wizard level % added to initial mana, and +% damage to reavers / swarmlings / giants. Level 100 fragments have the aforementioned properties at the highest possible values, as well as guaranteed +1 to all skills (the latter of which starts at Level 70)

Please note that certain properties, anything related to strike spells, enhancements, and the other misc benefits, only appear on specific fragments (inner, edge, corner).

A list of possible talisman properties (type and rarity permitting):

Any type and rarity:

  • + x% XP gained
  • + x initial mana
  • + x% of wizard level goes to initial xp and mana
  • + x% damage to reavers
  • + x% damage to swarmlings
  • + x% damage to giants
  • (All level 90-100 talismans will always have all 6 of these properties, +1 to skills/all, and 2 from their category below.)


  • + x% maximum freeze charge
  • + x% maximum curse charge
  • + x% maximum wake of eternity charge
  • + x% maximum bolt charge
  • + x% maximum beam charge
  • + x% maximum barrage charge
  • + x% maximum shrine charge


  • + x% heavier orblets
  • + x% faster orblet rollback
  • gem wasps attack x% faster
  • + x% chance that gem bomb blasts summon +1 gem wasp
  • + x% mana for starting waves early
  • + x% slower killchain cooldown
  • + x% mana shard harvesting speed


  • + x% damage to flying ones (Apparitions, Specters, Shadows)
  • + x% damage to buildings
  • + x% tower bolt damage
  • + x% tower beam damage
  • + x% tower barrage damage
  • + x% freeze duration
  • + x% curse duration
  • + x% wake of eternity health loss

Rarity > 60:

  • + 1 to crafting skill levels
  • + 1 to might skill levels
  • + 1 to component skill levels
  • + 1 to enhancement spell skill levels
  • + 1 to strike spell skill levels
  • + 1 to bomb skill levels

Rarity > 70:

  • + 1 to all skill levels

Salvaging Edit

Salvage cost appears to be about 50% of the rarity, and 25% of all upgrades put into the talisman. So for example a rarity 20 talisman will salvage as 10 cores. And if the upgrade cost is 8, and you do so, it will now salvage for 12 cores. If the next upgrade is then 20, the total salvage will be 17. (10+2+5)

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