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    Gemcraft Chasing Shadows

    April 6, 2014 by Benx79

    So Gemcraft 2 came out yesterday, so that means all data that is collected will be new and raw. So more work for the wiki! :)

    IMO, I think Gemcraft 2 is a great game, I don't think i'm even close to finishing at all. I love the new talismans and also the way achievements work now. (I managed to get the 1 hp Monster Tomb achievement somehow) and also the Map. I love when things come together, especially the way that all the other games paths cross over. The thing however, I don't really like is the Skills max level. I'm not sure whether after a certain point it will be smaller levels for maximum but the starting 30-40 Levels, you are just left with lots of Unused Skill points.

    Anyway, that aside. The skills (I've unlocked Freeze and Bolt) see…

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  • Benx79

    Hey, I just uploaded Part 3 of the Gemcraft walkthrough, This episode goes up to the boss. The next episode will be getting glowing scores on all 9 levels (and maybe unlock the secret).

    Have fun Watching :)


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  • Benx79

    Hey Everyone again, The second part of the Gemcraft 1 Walkthrough is now up. There may be a few slip-ups but it's still a walkthrough guide you can follow. There isn't any major problems, the only things that happened during the recording were letting 2 monsters through and not having enough time to plant more towers. All the walkthrough guide is doing at the moment is showing you how to complete the levels and then how to get the Glowing Score (More levels will probably be in 1 video when that gets released).

    Enjoy this video. I/We are still a long way to go till we complete the entire game. There are many hidden amulets and other things to collect on the way. I have a feeling that we are close to the first epic stage. With Gemcraft 1 and …

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  • Benx79

    Hey Everyone, I've decided to create some video's on Gemcraft 0, 1 and Gemcraft Labyrinth (and maybe GC2 when it comes out). I don't know how long this will take, but It will probably take a while.

    From experience of the Gemcraft Series, I have completed Gemcraft Labyrinth and Gemcraft 0 till the end. However, with Gemcraft 1, I haven't even gotten close to completing so Hopefully I will actually finish it now. On the wikia, I have seen that most levels have been added but without strategy. I will try my hardest to complete and show you how to finish each level starting with GC1.

    I have only 1 video at the moment and that is for GC1 level's 1-4 (Not level numbers but levels in sequence of difficulty (Bonus levels will be named Secret1 etc. a…

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