So Gemcraft 2 came out yesterday, so that means all data that is collected will be new and raw. So more work for the wiki! :)

IMO, I think Gemcraft 2 is a great game, I don't think i'm even close to finishing at all. I love the new talismans and also the way achievements work now. (I managed to get the 1 hp Monster Tomb achievement somehow) and also the Map. I love when things come together, especially the way that all the other games paths cross over. The thing however, I don't really like is the Skills max level. I'm not sure whether after a certain point it will be smaller levels for maximum but the starting 30-40 Levels, you are just left with lots of Unused Skill points.

Anyway, that aside. The skills (I've unlocked Freeze and Bolt) seem amazing, just right for getting out of a jam and also the way you can check your Achievements during a level. As I am still near the start of the game, I haven't unlocked the Amplifiers or Other Gem types (I hope they can be unlocked) and the way now you can strengthen your Power Orb with gems is a cool feature. Endurance mode seems to get hard very fast but seen as I'm a low level, it's highly likely I don't have the preparation for it at this point in time.

The Scenery and the monsters seem to blend well with the level as well as the shadows which is good and it also fits well within the game. The map is also a good feature as with Labyrinth, I felt I knew how many levels were left to complete and it kind of spoiled it for me a little bit.

The auto-upgrading Mana pool is a good feature too seen as the past levels I have been playing, I kept forgetting about the Mana pool and in panic I kept pressing 'M', but i'm remembering not to now, haha.

Overall, It is a good game and I'm glad I waited for this game, especially after all the promises of it being out earlier as it is a great addition to the Gemcraft Series. Hopefully the next post will be me finishing this game.

Gemcraft Labyrinth was the first Gemcraft game I completely finished. Gemcraft Chapter 0, there was lots to do so I never got to the Tomb of the Forgotten and Gemcraft 1... Well, lets just say the Forgotten got me at the first boss ;)

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