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  • LevenThumps

    Well, another new feature has been partially revealed about this game.

    If you haven't played any of Gameinabottle's other games, most of them have spells you can use in battle. It surprised me that spells were introduced as late as the fourth game, but it doesn't matter. The previous games were still excellent.

    As for the spells themselves, I think they have pretty helpful abilities (of the two we know). The Freeze spell sort of replaces the shocking ability, so that's a point in my books.

    I particuraly like his double charge idea. Having only one charge has always bugged me for the reasons he said (even in Gameinabottle's other games), but Gameinabottle is changing that.

    On another note, a new version of Gemcraft Labyrinth, v.1.20, has be…

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  • LevenThumps

    I forgot about it yesterday, but yesterday (June 26) is the fourth anniversary of the release of the first Gemcraft game. Congratulations Gameinabottle, for making your games popular enough to last this long. I hope they last even longer.

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  • LevenThumps

    To see Gameinabottle's blog post related to this blog post, click here .

    There wasn't that much information this week, but there were still some things I thought were worth mentioning.

    Firstly, the black and white gems have updated powers affecting all the gems now. I know there were some confused people on the wiki who didn't know what they affected, so this will make it easier.

    I especially like the component ablities now having no limit. Ever since I saw the prismatic gem in GC0 with all of the abilities, I've been hoping for something like this.

    The rest of the post were mostly nifty little shortcuts that I still thought were cool, but not as important. I'm hoping he'll add the rapid gem bombing feature to the one click gem deployment, …

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  • LevenThumps

    Sorry for the late post, I've been out of town for a couple of days and just saw the update.

    Now I finally know what gem wasps are, and I think they will make me use gem bombing again.

    I never used gem bombing for the same reason Gameinabottle pointed out, it doesn't do anything at a high level. With the gem wasps, now they can. It looks like in this game Gameinabottle is going to be fixing a lot of minor things (mana bar automatically increases, rapid gem bombing) while also adding new things (gem wasps, sparks).

    I also like the new rapid gem bombing method. It makes things go a lot faster for you where unlike Labyrinth, it was a little annoyance that didn't ruin the game for me, but would've made it ten times better had it been fixed.

    I wa…

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  • LevenThumps

    To see Gameinabottle's blog post related to this, click here.

    Just when you thought that Gemcraft couldn't get any harder.

    This update certainly proved that GC2 is more than just a bunch of levels just like the last game. The monsters appear to be tougher than ever. I can't wait to see the new ability combinations that are possible. I'm hoping that increased armor is one of the abilities since it wasn't one of the three main types.

    The Sparks look like a very interesting new twist in the game. They help balance out the newly upgraded monsters, and can be upgraded even more with gem bombs.

    Can't wait until next week, when we finally learn what the gem wasps are.

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