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Updates are out. The countdown for the game has begun!

This first post really showed more than he talked about, but I'll talk about what he talked about first. First off, the maps look really interesting. The types of flora is a nice contrast to the darkness of the Labyrinth. It doesn't really change gameplay, but it does help the looks.

The double density walls are a really nice feature. 'Now you can put towers only partially adjacent. It increases the possibilites greatly.

On other things, these screenshots showed us the first glimpse of the black gem and the black and white gem power ups. Sadly, this will have to remain a mystery for another two weeks. I also 3 out of 4 possible spells. For those who aren't familiar with previous gameinabottle games, spells were a very common element. I'm really excited to see what they do for GC2.

Not that important, but I noticed that you are still protecting an orb. Maybe it's too save space, but I was hoping for the wizard tower again.

Until next time on Gem types

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