Another couple of weeks, and a LOT of information on the upcoming GC2.

I'll start with the biggest piece of news: gem types.

I was a little sad to see the Shocking power go. I was hoping that it could combine with the slowing so when the slowing reaches 100%, it turns into shock. Sadly however, the gem type is gone, but his reasons were good. I did enjoy the two new powers that were introduced: healing surpression and poolbound. They both go quite well with the new features that this game offers. The black gem has a new unique twist on bloodbound, increasing the 3 gems adjacent in the gem selection as well. I noticed that both the black and white gems increase the abilities of adjacent gems, which I think is an awesome additional power.

The spells have finally been given some information, and I look forward to the other thing they can do besides increasing a gem's stats.

Overall, really good information, and the game looks to be a lot harder than its previous ones. I can't wait for next weeks for monsters and sparks.

Also, we finally got to see what the monsters look like and they look amazing. The new foliage looks great as well

P.S. Did anyone else notice that in four weeks the topic is gem wasps. Sounds REALLY Interesting

P.P.S. Just a couple of things that look interesting.

What is the two numbers with one on top of the other and what is the mysterious object in one of the pictures?

Mysterious Object 1
Mysterious Object 2

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