Sorry for the late post, I've been out of town for a couple of days and just saw the update.

Now I finally know what gem wasps are, and I think they will make me use gem bombing again.

I never used gem bombing for the same reason Gameinabottle pointed out, it doesn't do anything at a high level. With the gem wasps, now they can. It looks like in this game Gameinabottle is going to be fixing a lot of minor things (mana bar automatically increases, rapid gem bombing) while also adding new things (gem wasps, sparks).

I also like the new rapid gem bombing method. It makes things go a lot faster for you where unlike Labyrinth, it was a little annoyance that didn't ruin the game for me, but would've made it ten times better had it been fixed.

I was surprised to find out that enraging (summoning's new name) could add beacons to the field. That will make the game a little more interesting. Also, in the pictures, we were able to see our first look at the modified GC2 beacons. One appears to be the standard healing beacon, while the other one looks to be a new beacon. Hopefully, there will be a blog post over this.

In two weeks, it's just an expansion on what we've already seen, so there may not be as much information, but we'll see.

Until next time, LevenThumps 14:51, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

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