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There wasn't that much information this week, but there were still some things I thought were worth mentioning.

Firstly, the black and white gems have updated powers affecting all the gems now. I know there were some confused people on the wiki who didn't know what they affected, so this will make it easier.

I especially like the component ablities now having no limit. Ever since I saw the prismatic gem in GC0 with all of the abilities, I've been hoping for something like this.

The rest of the post were mostly nifty little shortcuts that I still thought were cool, but not as important. I'm hoping he'll add the rapid gem bombing feature to the one click gem deployment, where if you hold shift, it just takes it out of your mana and the topmost gem is put on all the towers if you wish.

He mentioned the mana level, but didn't go into that much detail. I am interested in how to increase the level, although my guess is the same as increasing the power of poolbound, by maxing out your mana.

Next time, we'll learn about the spells.

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