Well, another new feature has been partially revealed about this game.

If you haven't played any of Gameinabottle's other games, most of them have spells you can use in battle. It surprised me that spells were introduced as late as the fourth game, but it doesn't matter. The previous games were still excellent.

As for the spells themselves, I think they have pretty helpful abilities (of the two we know). The Freeze spell sort of replaces the shocking ability, so that's a point in my books.

I particuraly like his double charge idea. Having only one charge has always bugged me for the reasons he said (even in Gameinabottle's other games), but Gameinabottle is changing that.

On another note, a new version of Gemcraft Labyrinth, v.1.20, has been released. Head over to Gameinabottle's blog to see the full details.

Until the next blog post,

LevenThumps (talk) 22:00, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

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