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  • LevenThumps

    Before you read this, don't worry, this post is not my resignation.

    But I will probably won't be on the wiki as frequently now that the majority of Gemcraft Labyrinth is complete. I will still edit, maybe go back to GC0, but I'm going on a little break, after the long editing streak. I will still post my blog posts on the new GC2 features, and will help edit GC2 when it comes out.

    This isn't the end, it's only the beginning for the restoration of the wiki.

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  • LevenThumps

    Another couple of weeks, and a LOT of information on the upcoming GC2.

    I'll start with the biggest piece of news: gem types.

    I was a little sad to see the Shocking power go. I was hoping that it could combine with the slowing so when the slowing reaches 100%, it turns into shock. Sadly however, the gem type is gone, but his reasons were good. I did enjoy the two new powers that were introduced: healing surpression and poolbound. They both go quite well with the new features that this game offers. The black gem has a new unique twist on bloodbound, increasing the 3 gems adjacent in the gem selection as well. I noticed that both the black and white gems increase the abilities of adjacent gems, which I think is an awesome additional power.

    The s…

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  • LevenThumps

    To see the blog post by Gameinabottle related to this blog post, click here.

    Updates are out. The countdown for the game has begun!

    This first post really showed more than he talked about, but I'll talk about what he talked about first. First off, the maps look really interesting. The types of flora is a nice contrast to the darkness of the Labyrinth. It doesn't really change gameplay, but it does help the looks.

    The double density walls are a really nice feature. 'Now you can put towers only partially adjacent. It increases the possibilites greatly.

    On other things, these screenshots showed us the first glimpse of the black gem and the black and white gem power ups. Sadly, this will have to remain a mystery for another two weeks. I al…

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  • LevenThumps

    As some of you may have seen, there is a new page for discussion for Gemcraft Labyrinth. This page was meant to stop the clogging up of comments on the actual Gemcraft Labyrinth page. While I expect and hope this page to be a very big page with lots of people's screenshots, I would like to see some organization so that it's not just a jumple of awesome screenshots.

    So this is how I'm going to try it. If you have an idea that you think is better, please tell me.

    Under each section header, put a smaller section header with your username, THEN put all of your pictures under that. For example, I want to put a picture of my high score on a Challenge Amulet. I would make a section under Challenge Amulet titled LevenThumps, then post my pictur…

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  • LevenThumps

    It's finally done! All the levels for Gemcraft Labyrinth have a page for them with quality information on it. Thanks to all who helped make this possible.

    Now, this isn't the end of editing for these pages. I'm still looking for someone to be an administrator and oversee a new strategy section (see previous blog post for more details.) I'd also like to put in a video guide later on. But for now, I am done with these pages and will move on to other things, specifically Labyrinth skills.

    Thanks again, and keep up the editing.

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