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    There needs to be an in-game timeline of events, if there hasn't been already. Now there isn't an official span of years that I know of. Please feel free to correct me on that, or anything that needs correcting in this timeline.

    • The practice of summoning demons to enslave them is carried out by wizards.
    • The Forgotten is accidentally summoned in Field P1 a.k.a. Field V2 during a botched ritual.
    • No way is found to actually defeat her, so the wizards seal her away with the fabled Gem of Eternity.
    • A wizard -- let's call him Chapter 0 Wizard -- is driven by curiosity, greed and possibly stupidity, leading to the events of Chapter 0. He seeks to covet the Gem of Eternity for himself. However, removing the Gem of Eternity unseals the Forgotten, who th…

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