Shot Lock with a wizard tower nearby

Wizard Towers are structures in fields that reward players with access to new hextiles, difficulties, and Battle Traits. Other wizards who fled from The Forgotten sealed access to their towers to keep others out. They are always accompanied by a various number of locks scattered across the fields which must be destroyed to release the seal on the towers. If a player fails to destroy every lock before the final wave begins, the tower will destroy the orb of presence, resulting in defeat for the player. Certain objectives must be accomplished in order to destroy the locks. They include a certain number of shots from gems in nearby towers, shots from gem enhancement spells (bolt, beam, barrage), area spells that are normally used on monsters, or gem bombs of appropriate grade levels. Opening a wizard tower for the second time awards: mana, xp and shadow cores.

Opening a Wizard TowerEdit

To open a wizard tower, you must first open the locks. The locks have the following properties:

  • Hit with <amount> tower shots to unlock                                                                                                  
  • Hit with <amount> bolt shots to unlock
  • Hit with <amount> beam seconds to unlock
  • Hit with <amount> barrage shells to unlock
  • Hit with <amount> freeze spells to unlock
  • Hit with <amount> curse spells to unlock.


Below is a list with all wizard towers scattering on the map.

  • Field E6: If completed, unlocks the Beacon storm battle trait(in V1.0), unlocks hextiles B and A
  • Field F4: If completed, unlocks the Haste battle trait, unlocks hextiles E and I.
  • Field H3: If completed, unlocks the Giant Domination battle trait, unlocks hextiles D and K.
  • Field I6: If completed, unlocks the Mana Lock battle trait, unlocks hextile M.
  • Field J3, If completed, unlocks the Swarmling Domination battle trait, unlocks hextiles G and C.
  • Field K4: If completed, unlocks Glaring difficulty, unlocks hextile L and hextile O.
  • Field M5: If completed, unlocks hextiles J,N and Q.
  • Field O6: If completed, unlocks the Corrupted Banishment battle trait. Spires are also introduced first in this level, unlocks hextiles P,R and W.
  • Field Q6: If completed, unlocks the Adaptive Carapace battle trait, the Forgotten can now enrage 2 or 3 waves randomly until you complete field X5, unlocks hextiles T and U
  • Field T6: If completed, unlocks Haunting difficulty, the Forgotten can now curse you by blackening the whole UI, unlocks hextiles X and Y.

Bold Lines are the important things that are unlocked.

Note: if the stats of waves enraged by the Forgotten are equivalent to stats that would result from any gem grade higher than the maximum grade of any Laying Low Achievement, the achievement cannot be gotten in that battle.


  • Field J3 is the only wizard tower level that has 6 999-shot locks in it.
  • Wizard tower fields are shaped as a grade 3 gem, a square one, unlike the tome chambers and normal fields, that are like a grade 1 shape, and vision fields, which looks like a circle with a flame in it.
  • The weakest wizard tower lock is at field F4, that has 30 shots.
  • They cannot shot with traps or shrines, but with bolt, barrage and beam enhancements within gems in towers they can.


  • You can use more than 6 towers with gems that can shoot 2 or 3 projectiles per second, like in field J3, which you have to destroy 6 999-shot locks.
  • If you met an bolt, beam, or barrage lock, and have an shrine of focus, and you are in the last waves of the level, and don't know what to do, use it, make sure you have like 15 monsters nearby to use the shrine.

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